Food & Beverages

We mostly focus on buses. We welcome these for just a break with coffee / tea & cakes, for lunch and dinner, and of course for overnight stays in transit to, for example, Spain or for a multi-day stay on the Moselle.
But of course individual guests are also welcome.
Everyone can enjoy an extensive breakfast buffet in the rich Dutch breakfast culture with more than 100 different types of toppings. But also the German guests are not forgotten with their delicious bread culture. For them there are fresh sandwiches. And especially for French guests, we have hot chocolate, a croissant and French cheese.
For everyone a breakfast buffet is organized in Dutch style with more than 75 different types of (sweet -) toppings, cold cuts and (Dutch or French) cheese. For the Belgians we like to make French toast (French toast) on request.
As a good example of the genuine hospitality and service at Astoria Hotels, there are no set breakfast times. At check-in you will be asked what time you want to have breakfast! That is more than 5 star service.

The restaurant does not have a large menu card. But we do offer:

a tasty dish of the day € 17.50 (our schnitzel with Hollandaise mushroom sauce, vegetables, French fries or potatoes is a favorite)17,50€
a daily menu 2 courses E 19.50 (for example as a dish of the day with tomato soup in advance or dessert). 19,50€
a daily menu 3 courses E 22.50 (dish of the day with soup in advance and dessert such as ice cream). 22,50€

And some snacks such as:

portion of fries with mayo 4,00€
hot dog 6,00€
sandwich ham and / or cheese 6,00€
toast Hawaiian 8,00€
portion of bitterballen 8,00€
2 croquettes with bread 8,00€
idem with bread 10,00€
Curry sausage with French fries 7,50€

In Traben Trarbach there are also several nice restaurants where you can eat or drink, such as the old mill and the town pub, both from previous centuries with interesting furnishings.
In the bar you can have a drink or snack in the evening. There is a very wide range of beer, German wines (especially from the Moselle region), many liqueurs, whiskeys, cognac, gin, and sherries. See the drinks menu and teas