Welcome to the site of ASTORIA HOTEL BAD WILDSTEIN!


This classic hotel dates from around 1850. The current Dutch owners bought it at an auction in 2019.
It is being renovated step by step in a simple yet homely romantic classic English country estate style.
It is not a modern timeless hotel, but has its own unique atmosphere that appeals to many people, but of course not everyone. There are always guests who prefer modern and spotless rooms. That is not our style and choice. We believe that this is at the expense of the pleasant atmosphere. ASTORIA HOTEL BAD WILDSTEIN offers a more warm and comfortable classic look. That is why each room is individually and specially furnished with taste.
We strive for a cozy atmosphere and less for the perfect cleanliness. Of course, your favorite pet is also very welcome in such an atmosphere!
The hotel is situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by steeply rising green mountain walls. You can smell the pure pure fresh mountain air. Ideal for walkers. It is nice to wake up to the soft rushing water of a small stream with trout that flows past the hotel. The Moselle is a 5-minute drive away with fun boat trips to all the attractive places along the river.
When the renovation is complete, ASTORIA HOTEL BAD WILDSTEIN offers 50 beautiful rooms, each with its own bathroom. These bathrooms are solidly old-fashioned with a shower (curtain) and toilet, and with all the classic guest amenities. There are single 3-person rooms and an apartment for up to 10 people in 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Most rooms have a double bed. An additional bed is usually possible.
Some of the deluxe rooms * Business Class, have a water boiler for free coffee and tea and a writing desk or cosmetics table, a small minibar fridge (empty), and a rain shower.
We focus in particular on buses in transit that only take food or coffee with cake and stay 1 to 3 nights. There is therefore a spacious restaurant with 110 seats. It does not offer a large choice menu but a daily special with 2 or 3 courses and some Dutch and German snacks.
In addition to the well-known Moselle wines and German beer, the bar also offers many liqueurs, good whiskeys, cognac, vodka, sherry and Dutch drinks such as gin, drop shot and cassis that you can’t get anywhere else.
In front of the hotel on the busy main road there is a covered, heated terrace (good for smokers – who are not allowed to smoke inside) and a garden next to it. In the summer there are some seats along the river.

Of course we also appreciate individual guests who we try to offer a special welcome.
You can start the day with an extensive Dutch-style buffet with more than 75 different types of toppings. Of course we also strive to satisfy guests from other countries. For German guests we have fresh rolls and sausage, for French French cheese and hot chocolate, for Belgian guests French toast (French toast) and for Asian guests we offer something warm, such as warm milk and rice. In addition, we all give you the service of free breakfast times until 12:00 so that you can sleep in! When checking in you will be asked what time you prefer.
That is a good example of our friendly old-fashioned hospitality under Dutch management. The wishes of the guest have our first priority. The result is a special hotel with its own unique atmosphere.
Another proof of this are the free check in and check out times, depending on availability. You will not forget this hotel and therefore always have many returning guests.
(Starting) artists are regularly offered to hold an exhibition in the corridors and other public areas of the hotel. They sincerely hope that their work appeals to you and perhaps even makes a purchase if you like a work of art.
What is there to do? Bad Wildstein is a district in Traben Trarbach, two towns on either side of the Moselle river (just like Budapest). The hotel is an 8-minute drive from the river bank. The picturesque towns on the Moselle are very romantic.
Well-known is the annual Christmas market that takes place underground in the old wine cellars. Open on weekends from December 1 to January 1. Also pay attention to the steep vineyards, where you will be surprised how they can pick the grapes there. Only alpinists can work there. Traben Trarbach is accessible by train and is half an hour from the motorway.
Frankfurt – Hahn Airport is a 20-minute drive away. If available, we can offer you a transfer against payment, as well as from the train station.
Koblenz is an hour away. There, the Moselle flows into the Rhine under the giant statue of Emperor Wilhelm on his horse.
The location is also suitable for motorcyclists and trips to the Eifel, to Trier, the oldest city in Germany and once 3rd capital of the Roman Empire (before Constantine the Great who moved to Constantinople / Istanbul) with many Roman remains, including The Porta Nigra . Luxembourg is an hour’s drive away (cheap shopping to earn your journey back!), Cochem and Zell. The hotel has its own parking space and for bicycles / motorbikes a few inside places in the garage for a fee.
When you book through our website or directly by telephone you will receive a free bottle of wine in the room or, if desired, another drink.
ASTORIA HOTELS offers you a warm welcome, with a special surprise, friendly service and attractive prices.
For more information we are happy to be at your disposal by telephone (+ 31639219811 / + 31614622334) or + 49 65418145501) or by email.